Special Bonus Audition

$50,000+ To Be Awarded



College Scholarship Audition for YOU! 


WHEN: Janaury 21, 2019
WHERE: New York City
WHO: Available to ALL dancers who are in their junior year of high school through their junior year of college
PREREQUISITE: Audition is only open to individual dancers that actively participated in fundraising for the NYC Dance Alliance Foundation (NYCDAF) 501(c)(3) public charity – College Scholarship Program.


2011 Seven Bonus Audition Winners 


For every $1,000 donated to to the NYCDAF National Fundraising Campaign*, one dancer  may attend this private scholarship audition. No limits!! (No transportation or accommodations provided. See the National Fundraising Campaign information for full details.   Dancers may be affiliated with a studio or may participate in the fundraising independently. All the same terms and conditions apply.  No limits – 1 dancer per $1,000 donation.  


*Fundraising deadline is September 30


Each dancer’s experience will include: 

  1. Two mandatory college audition classes – one ballet, one contemporary – exclusive for dancers that have actively participated in the fundraising - either independently or with a studio.
  2. One ticket to the Destiny Rising Gala, Monday evening – Janaury 21, 2019. Enjoy this incredible celebration of the NYC professional Broadway and dance community.



EXTRA BONUS: Your $20,000+ donation entitles your studio to present one piece at the one of our three fundraising events.  See Rewards and Incentives for full details.




@ 2012 New York City Dance Alliance