The Top 10

The Top 10 Reasons Why Your Studio Should Get Involved

10.  We’re sending the message that college is a valuable 4 years of your life.  Invest in yourself!

9.  It’s great to work as a team - towards a goal that does not involve winning a prize or trophy!

8.  You are helping to support a charity that supports your own community – the dance community.

7.  Participating in a national campaign is another reminder what a great family the dance world can be.

6.  Unlike most charity donations, you will actually see your money make a difference.  It is very likely that you will know many of the scholarship recipients personally.

5.  Dancers participating in the fundraising campaign may request a Letter of Commendation for their charitable efforts.  This letter is perfect for your college applications.

4.  ALL studios get rewarded – at every level.  It’s not a competition.  EVERYBODY WINS!

3.  ALL studios have the opportunity to be flown to NYC – all expenses paid – to perform at a special fundraising event – sharing the stage with Broadway and dance company professionals.

2.  Special college scholarships are available exclusively for the dancers that help raise the money!  You earned it!

1.  It feels really good to help make a difference!

@ 2012 New York City Dance Alliance