2014 Outstanding Dancer Information

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CONGRATULATIONS!  Being a Regional Outstanding Dancer or Runner-Up gives you this opportunity to participate in the most amazing summer scholarship program available!  You’ve earned it!


TEEN and SENIOR Outstanding Dancers must be present at the Orientation on Sunday, June 29th 2014 at 11:00 AM.  Opening Number rehearsals to follow.

MINI and JUNIOR Outstanding Dancers must be present at the Orientation on Monday, June 30th 2014 at 12:00 NOON.  Opening Number rehearsals may follow.

  • All dancers vying for the National Outstanding Dancer Scholarships will receive numbers and badges at their Orientation Meeting. These badges must be worn at all time (except competition) during the National Season Finale! Dancers will also 'draw' for performance order for the solo adjudication at the Orientation Meeting.
  • Dancers must submit solo performance music at the Orientation Meeting, if not uploaded prior.
  • Dancers must bring their Code of Conduct, signed by both the dancer and a parent/guardian.
  • All Teen Outstanding Dancers will be dancing in the Teen Ballroom for the workshop classes.
  • All Regional Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior Outstanding Dancer Scholarship Winners and Runners-Up are equally eligible for National NYCDA Outstanding Dancer Scholarship Awards.
  • Additional National Scholarship Registration and Eligibility Requirements were provided in the Regional Scholarship Award packets presented at the Regional Convention. Refer to this packet for all necessary information and registration forms.
  • Only Regional Scholarship Winners and Runners-Up are eligible for National Outstanding Dancer Scholarship Awards.
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