Competition Guidelines

 Updates for the 16-17 season are posted!

 Each studio is permitted to compete a maximum of 15 entries – but can earn up to 6 extra! 






Studios bringing 30-49 students earn 2 Extra Comp Entries*


Studios bringing 50-89 students earn 4 Extra Comp Entries*


Studios bringing 90+ students earn 6 Extra Comp Entries*


*No extra solos or duo/trios permitted. If necessary, all solos, duo/trios and ‘extra’ entries MUST be available for Friday night competition. 


Age Appropriate

NYCDA prides itself in maintaining a professional, classy, and family environment. Our ‘age-appropriate’ criteria will continue to appear on every score sheet – under Costuming, Music Choice, and Choreography. Necessary deductions will be taken. Disqualification may result, at the discretion of the judges.

@ 2012 New York City Dance Alliance