Competition Guidelines


 Updated for the 2017-18 Season! 

NEW for competition this 2017-2018 season: 
NEW solo limit of TEN (10) solos per studio in ALL cities!! (same maximum # of total entries apply) 
Waived Registered Teacher requirement for individual solo competition (Written studio approval is required) 

While we have required a registered teacher for all competition dancers (including soloists) in the past, we've been listening to studio owners across the country about providing additional performance opportunities for their dancers, while still maintaining a focus on their home studio education. In an effort to respond to this request, we are waiving the registered teacher requirement for soloists and expanding the limits for solo entries.    


    reg comp 2 



Each studio is permitted to compete a maximum of 15 entries - but can earn up to 6 extra!


Studios bringing 30-49 students earn 2 Extra Comp Entries*


Studios bringing 50-89 students earn 4 Extra Comp Entries*


Studios bringing 90+ students earn 6 Extra Comp Entries*


*No extra solos or duo/trios permitted. If necessary, all solos, duo/trios and ‘extra’ entries MUST be available for Friday night competition.  


Age Appropriate

NYCDA prides itself in maintaining a professional, classy, and family environment. Our ‘age-appropriate’ criteria will continue to appear on every score sheet – under Costuming, Music Choice, and Choreography. Necessary deductions will be taken. Disqualification may result, at the discretion of the judges.

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