Scholarships & Special Opportunities  

Updated for the 2017-18 Season!


Every weekend, our goal is to assist in preparing dancers for the ‘real world’. A valuable first step is the realization that there is a broad spectrum of opportunities available – far beyond the lessons of the convention dance floor. Our numerous Scholarships and Special Opportunities offer unique and important ‘next steps’ for our dancers. Our many sponsors and partners represent a diverse cross-section of the professional dance community. 




The prestigious NYCDA Outstanding Dancer Program is always a highlight of every convention weekend. This allows dancers to qualify for our National Scholarship Program in NYC. Ask anyone who as ever participated…. ’there is nothing like it’!


We are also proud of our extensive list of Special Opportunities. These can range from Regional Scholarships to a stipend to the STEPS on Broadway Summer Intensive.  
Take a look at the growing list of opportunities available to YOUR dancers – awarded every weekend:  
Outstanding Dancer Scholarships  
  • Regional Class Scholarships
  • Rockettes ® Award
  • Complexions Summer Intensive Scholarships
  • STEPS on Broadway Summer Intensive
  • NYCDA Triple Threat Award



@ 2012 New York City Dance Alliance