Studio Showcase Dancers


Be a part of the Convention Finale!

 ONSTAGE - with the NYCDA Faculty!!


convention finale 1  



Each weekend, the NYCDA Convention Finale focuses on the dancers!! In addition to special dance performances, the Convention Finale offers all dancers the opportunity to showcase the hard work they’ve done all weekend.


Each dance studio can designate four dancers (1 from each age division) to participate in the finale – ONSTAGE – with the NYCDA faculty – and all the other studio showcase dancers.


Use your own criteria – perfect attendance?


Maybe let your dancers vote?!


No special auditions – no special material – no competition!


Simply learn the combos in all the classes and BE READY TO DANCE!!


(Studio Showcase Dancers will be accepted from all studios with a registered teacher).

@ 2012 New York City Dance Alliance