Outstanding Dancer

2024 Updates Coming Soon!

CONGRATULATIONS! Being a Regional Outstanding Dancer or Runner-Up gives you this opportunity to participate in one of the most amazing summer scholarship programs available! You’ve earned it!


  • More Schedule details are coming soon!
  • All dancers coming to the NYCDA 2024 Nationals as Outstanding Dancers and the OD Experience should plan on being present on the morning of June 30 in NYC and morning of July 14 in Phoenix for the Outstanding Dancer Orientation. One or more age groups may also compete their solos on July 2. Those not competing will have a full day/evening of Opening Number rehearsals.


  • Your Regional OD Award includes a full scholarship for the National Workshop classes. Therefore, the National Season Finale! Workshop Registration is complimentary to all Regional Outstanding Award winners and runners-up. Dancers may apply and redeem their Nationals Workshop Scholarship without participating in the separate National OD Experience.
  • Regional Winners and Runner-Ups are also invited to participate in the National Outstanding Dancer Experience. This is optional and separate from Nationals Workshop registration.
  • Registration fees for the National Outstanding Dancer Experience include all OD Audition fees and the OD solo fee.
    • $425 | Minis & Juniors
    • $450 | Teens & Seniors
  • If participating in the National Outstanding Dancer Experience, dancers must be registered for the National 4-day Workshop (w/ workshop scholarship). This registration is done in your studio's NYCDA online registration account: https://nycda.mydanceregister.... You will be able to select ODX to apply each eligible dancer's scholarship while registering for the Outstanding Dancer Experience. Registration deadline is May 19, 2024. Early registration is encouraged.
  • OD Fees for the National OD Experience are paid with studio workshop registration fees.
  • Additionally, a separate OD Experience Registration form (linked here) must also be completed online by May 19, 2024. Note: Forms received past this deadline forfeit the guarantee of special outstanding dancer gifts.
  • Using your Outstanding Dancer National Workshop Scholarship to participate in "Workshop Only" and not participate in the entire Outstanding Dancer Experience:
    • Dancers MAY utilize their Nationals Workshop Scholarship for Nationals. The workshop scholarship has no "cash value" and is valid for 2024 Nationals Workshop registration.


  • All Regional winners of the NYCDA Outstanding Dancer Award and their runners-up are equally eligible for the National NYCDA Outstanding Dancer Award.
  • Scholarship awards are not transferable unless both teachers (previous and current) consent. If a dancer switches studios, they must provide written permission to NYCDA from their previous studio to utilize previously won scholarships.
  • Attendance is mandatory for ALL Scholarship Audition Classes and Opening Number rehearsals. The rehearsal schedule is subject to change at any point during the convention, as per NYCDA.
  • All participating OD Experience dancers must enter a solo in the National Finals solo competition. This solo will serve as their OD Adjudication Solo. Solos should be registered as a Nationals "Finals + OD" solo with regular studio workshop/competition registration.
  • This solo will be considered for National Finals High Score as well. In addition to the National Finals solo score, each solo will receive a separate Outstanding Dancer Solo Adjudication score. The composite National Finals solo score contributes 30% to the overall OD score. The stand-alone OD Solo adjudication score contributes 10% to the overall OD score.
  • The OD Experience will include special audition classes taught by acclaimed industry professionals. These special audition classes will contribute 15% each to the overall adjudication score – 30% total.
  • OD Dancers will also participate in a Workshop Ballet & Jazz Audition (similar to the Regional audition). This Workshop Ballet & Jazz Audition will contribute another 30% to an overall adjudication score.

GALA FINALISTS are determined by this Outstanding Dancer Adjudication Composite Score:

  • 30% - Solo Performance Score - full judging panel, including a designated OD Adjudicator
  • 10% - OD Adjudicator Stand-Alone Score of the Solo Performance
  • 15% - Special Ballet Audition Class
  • 15% - Special Jazz/Contemporary Class
  • 30% - Workshop Audition (Jazz/Ballet)
    • Based on the OD Adjudication Composite Scores, at least ten finalists in each age group will be selected, announced, and invited to perform their solos at the Gala for a panel of judges consisting of NYCDA faculty. (# of finalists at NYCDA's discretion)
    • The Solo Performance score from the Gala will replace the previous 30% Solo Performance Score in the composite score. The other 70% remains in place.
    • Based on the new OD Adjudication Composite Scores, National Winners and Runners-Up will be announced from this group of finalists and awarded at the Gala.

NATIONAL WINNERS are determined by this Outstanding Dancer Adjudication Composite Score:

  • 10% - OD Adjudicator Stand-Alone Score of the original Solo Performance
  • 15% - Special Ballet Audition Class
  • 15% - Special Jazz/Contemporary Class
  • 30% - Workshop Audition (Jazz/Ballet)
  • 30% - Gala Solo Performance Score - full Gala judging panel


NYCDA National Senior Outstanding Dancers (2 will be selected):
$1,000.00 each +
a lifetime NYCDA Convention Scholarship
NYCDA National Teen Outstanding Dancers (2 will be selected):$750.00 each +
a 2023-2024 NYCDA Convention Scholarship
NYCDA National Junior Outstanding Dancers (2 will be selected):$500.00 each +
a 2023-2024 NYCDA Convention Scholarship
NYCDA National Mini Outstanding Dancers (2 will be selected):$250.00 each +
a 2023-2024 NYCDA Convention Scholarship

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