Outstanding Dancer

2024 Updates Coming Soon!

CONGRATULATIONS! Being a Regional Outstanding Dancer or Runner-Up gives you this opportunity to participate in one of the most amazing summer scholarship programs available! You’ve earned it!


  • More Schedule details are coming soon!
  • All dancers coming to the NYCDA 2023 Nationals as Outstanding Dancers and the OD Experience should plan on being present on the morning of July 2 for the Outstanding Dancer Orientation. One or more age groups may also compete their solos on July 2. Those not competing will have a full day/evening of Opening Number rehearsals.


  • Your Regional OD Award includes a full scholarship for the National Workshop classes. Therefore, the National Season Finale! Workshop Registration is complimentary to all Regional Outstanding Award winners and runners-up. Dancers may apply and redeem their Nationals Workshop Scholarship without participating in the separate National OD Experience.
  • Regional Winners and Runner-Ups are also invited to participate in the National Outstanding Dancer Experience. This is optional and separate from Nationals Workshop registration.
  • Registration fees for the National Outstanding Dancer Experience include all OD Audition fees and the OD solo fee.
    • $380 | Minis & Juniors
    • $400 | Teens & Seniors
  • If participating in the National Outstanding Dancer Experience, dancers must be registered for the National 4-day Workshop (w/ workshop scholarship). This registration is done in your studio's NYCDA online registration account: https://nycda.mydanceregister.... You will be able to select ODX to apply each eligible dancer's scholarship while registering for the Outstanding Dancer Experience. Registration deadline is May 19, 2023. Early registration is encouraged.
  • OD Fees for the National OD Experience are paid with studio workshop registration fees.
  • Additionally, a separate OD Experience Registration form (linked here) must also be completed online by May 19, 2023. Note: Forms received past this deadline forfeit the guarantee of special outstanding dancer gifts.
  • Using your Outstanding Dancer National Workshop Scholarship to participate in "Workshop Only" and not participate in the entire Outstanding Dancer Experience:
    • Dancers MAY utilize their Nationals Workshop Scholarship for Nationals. The workshop scholarship has no "cash value" and is valid for 2023 Nationals Workshop registration.


  • All Regional winners of the NYCDA Outstanding Dancer Award and their runners-up are equally eligible for the National NYCDA Outstanding Dancer Award.
  • Scholarship awards are not transferable unless both teachers (previous and current) consent. If a dancer switches studios, they must provide written permission to NYCDA from their previous studio to utilize previously won scholarships.
  • Attendance is mandatory for ALL Scholarship Audition Classes and Opening Number rehearsals. The rehearsal schedule is subject to change at any point during the convention, as per NYCDA.
  • All participating OD Experience dancers must enter a solo in the National Finals solo competition. This solo will serve as their OD Adjudication Solo. Solos should be registered as a Nationals "Finals + OD" solo with regular studio workshop/competition registration.
  • This solo will be considered for National Finals High Score as well. In addition to the National Finals solo score, each solo will receive a separate Outstanding Dancer Solo Adjudication score. The composite National Finals solo score contributes 30% to the overall OD score. The stand-alone OD Solo adjudication score contributes 10% to the overall OD score.
  • The OD Experience will include special audition classes taught by acclaimed industry professionals. These special audition classes will contribute 15% each to the overall adjudication score – 30% total.
  • OD Dancers will also participate in a Workshop Ballet & Jazz Audition (similar to the Regional audition). This Workshop Ballet & Jazz Audition will contribute another 30% to an overall adjudication score.

GALA FINALISTS are determined by this Outstanding Dancer Adjudication Composite Score:

  • 30% - Solo Performance Score - full judging panel, including a designated OD Adjudicator
  • 10% - OD Adjudicator Stand-Alone Score of the Solo Performance
  • 15% - Special Ballet Audition Class
  • 15% - Special Jazz/Contemporary Class
  • 30% - Workshop Audition (Jazz/Ballet)
    • Based on the OD Adjudication Composite Scores, at least ten finalists in each age group will be selected, announced, and invited to perform their solos at the Gala for a panel of judges consisting of NYCDA faculty. (# of finalists at NYCDA's discretion)
    • The Solo Performance score from the Gala will replace the previous 30% Solo Performance Score in the composite score. The other 70% remains in place.
    • Based on the new OD Adjudication Composite Scores, National Winners and Runners-Up will be announced from this group of finalists and awarded at the Gala.

NATIONAL WINNERS are determined by this Outstanding Dancer Adjudication Composite Score:

  • 10% - OD Adjudicator Stand-Alone Score of the original Solo Performance
  • 15% - Special Ballet Audition Class
  • 15% - Special Jazz/Contemporary Class
  • 30% - Workshop Audition (Jazz/Ballet)
  • 30% - Gala Solo Performance Score - full Gala judging panel


NYCDA National Senior Outstanding Dancers (2 will be selected):
$1,000.00 each +
a lifetime NYCDA Convention Scholarship
NYCDA National Teen Outstanding Dancers (2 will be selected):$750.00 each +
a 2023-2024 NYCDA Convention Scholarship
NYCDA National Junior Outstanding Dancers (2 will be selected):$500.00 each +
a 2023-2024 NYCDA Convention Scholarship
NYCDA National Mini Outstanding Dancers (2 will be selected):$250.00 each +
a 2023-2024 NYCDA Convention Scholarship

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