What to Expect

For three decades, NYCDA has been a trailblazing organization that continues to pioneer the path for young dancers through unmatched training, college scholarships, and 'real world' professional opportunities today and tomorrow. Expect exciting workshop classes with our experienced and trusted faculty, professional auditions and networking opportunities, thrilling competitions, and a nurturing environment. Join us this season to be inspired and MOVED!

Registration & Check-in

Registration is easy in our customized Registration Portal, where you can create your studio profile, and add your dancers and entries all in one place. Our team is standing by to help!

Once you arrive, check-in for the event is quick and easy! Registration packets are available both Friday evening and Saturday morning – complete with wristbands, class schedules, audition numbers, observer wristbands, etc. Your dancers will be ready for the Saturday Morning Welcome Rally!


Meeting Old Friends, Making New

At NYCDA, we're more than just a dance community – we're a family! Whether you're a newcomer to NYCDA or a returning participant, you can look forward to forging meaningful connections with new friends and rekindling old friendships. We cherish the enduring bonds that dancers, teachers, and parents have formed over the years. Join our dance family and be a part of something truly special!

Dance Workshops

Expect classes that keep you inspired ALL year long! Our expert faculty deliver challenging, exhilarating classes that will empower you to push beyond your own limits.


Special Audition Workshops

We are committed to taking dancers to the next level! Each weekend we conduct a professional audition experience – recognizing both talent AND potential. Besides our prestigious Outstanding Dancer Program – we recognize ‘future stars,’ ‘rising stars’, 'stand-outs' and more, with the most comprehensive offering of training scholarships available in any convention environment.


Professional Training & College Scholarship Opportunities

Annually, NYCDA awards over $1 million in professional training scholarships, collaborating with over 10 prestigious dance companies and organizations nationwide. The goal is to allow dancers to have 'real world' experiences, beyond the convention dance floor, providing them the opportunity to enhance their training through various intensives and workshops year-round. Check out our professional industry partners - second to none!


Our commitment doesn't end with high school. The NYC Dance Alliance Foundation continues to stand by dancers, having granted over $4.5 million in scholarships to 530 individuals who have gone on to represent our organization in more than 40 esteemed university programs. In the summer of 2023, 182 dancers shared in $21 MILLION in college scholarship offers. Be sure to read more about this life-changing experience.



Professional, exciting, family-friendly, and age-appropriate – always! It’s time to take the stage, applaud each other’s talents….and benefit from the valuable critiques offered by our great faculty!



At each competition, we reward tons of talent! Besides adjudicating each entry, we award all high scores and many special recognitions! It culminates in our prestigious Critics’ Choice Awards – granting FREE entry fees to our National Season Finale! Plus – our Distinguished Achievement Awards include our personal faves – “Good Sportsmanship”, “Class Act”, and "Versatility" Awards.


If you need help during the registration process, please email registration@nycdance.com or call 866-NYC-5678.

We look forward to dancing with you!

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