Scholarships - NYCDA

Every weekend, our goal is to assist dancers in recognizing the broad spectrum of opportunities available – far beyond the lessons of the convention dance floor. Our numerous Scholarships and Special Opportunities offer unique and important ‘next steps’ for our dancers. Our many sponsors and partners represent a diverse cross-section of the professional dance community. Additionally, the prestigious NYCDA Outstanding Dancer Program is always a highlight of every convention weekend. This allows dancers to qualify for our National Scholarship Program in NYC. Ask anyone who has ever participated…. ’there is nothing like it’!

We are proud of our continued support from the professional dance community and are excited to make these opportunities available to 'our kids'. Take a look at the growing list of opportunities available to YOUR dancers – awarded every weekend:


Each weekend, NYCDA will be searching for one Outstanding Artist. This dancer has undeniable talent, professionalism, and passion. Selected by the faculty, the Outstanding Artist is a true standout, ready to be introduced to pre-professional and professional experiences. Once chosen, NYCDA will utilize its industry resources to curate a unique opportunity within the professional dance world - specific to the Outstanding Artist’s strengths and interests. We are eager to share these artists with the world!

  • One dancer per weekend - any age
  • Fully registered for the workshop (cannot be a college student)
  • Cannot be an independent dancer - studio affiliation required
  • The dancer is not required to compete.
  • Can be received in combination with any other awards or scholarships

This prestigious recognition will include:

  • A professional industry opportunity or referral
  • Auto-acceptance to an NYCDA Intensive
  • 5 virtual or in-person professional classes at Steps on Broadway
  • NYCDA Outstanding Artist Sweatshirt
  • $50 NYCDA Merch credit
  • 30-minute mentoring session with an NYCDA faculty member, Steps faculty member, or NYCDA assistant of your choice. (Does not have to be in-person. All subject to scheduling.)

NYCDA Intensive "Standout" Awards

  • Each weekend a select number of TEEN or SENIOR dancers will be automatically accepted into the NYCDA Winter Technique & Summer Pre-Professional Intensives. Dancers must demonstrate their versatility and work ethic throughout the convention weekend. The Summer Intensive is also open to ALL dancers ages 13-19. (TEEN or SENIOR)

NYCDA Junior Intensive "Standout" Awards

  • Each weekend a select number of JUNIOR dancers will be automatically accepted into the NYCDA Summer and Winter Junior Intensives. Dancers must demonstrate their versatility and work ethic throughout the convention weekend. The Junior Dance Intensive is also open to ALL dancers ages 10-12. (MINI or JUNIOR)

NYCDA Winter Contemporary Intensive Award

  • NYCDA is proud to host a one-week winter contemporary/concert dance intensive in NYC for dancers ages 16-21, led by Artistic Director Alexandra Damiani. Each weekend one dancer will be awarded automatic acceptance into the Winter Contemporary Intensive. (SENIOR)

NYCDA Rising Star Award

  • Each weekend, the NYCDA Faculty each selects one "Rising Star" dancer- acknowledging the dancer that demonstrates talent, potential, hard work, and a joyful attitude in class. The Rising Star award consists of a $200 scholarship for one of our NYCDA Intensives. **This award cannot be combined with any other award or scholarship.

NYCDA Future Star Scholarships

  • Each weekend a select group of dancers with outstanding potential are awarded a Regional Convention Scholarship.

NYCDA Class "Standout" Scholarships

  • Each weekend a select number of dancers will be hand-picked directly by our faculty to receive NYCDA Regional Convention Scholarships. Dancers will be selected for their talents demonstrated in the ballet, tap, and/or hip-hop classes.

All eligible registered Workshop dancers including dancers registered as independents will be considered for the above-listed scholarship opportunities, including Regional Convention Scholarships, Sponsorships, and Awards. Independent Dancers are not eligible to audition for the separate Outstanding Dancer Scholarships. Selection is based on faculty observations throughout the weekend, no separate audition is required. Only dancers wearing audition numbers will be considered.

Scholarship awards are not transferable unless both teachers (previous and current) consent. If a dancer switches studios, they must provide written permission to NYCDA from their previous studio to utilize previously won scholarships. Regional Scholarship Winners and Runner Ups must attend Nationals as the same studio they won their Scholarship regionally - unless permission has been granted by all studios involved.